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Simple. Flexible. Visionary.

We secure critical sectors, from personal data protection to combating impersonators, fraud and financial cybercrime. Neitec innovative technology, brings effective solutions to empower your trust.

We Believe

Technology exists to break down barriers and to make our lives easier.

We Think

Applied inteligent solutions will be embraced.

We Know

The future is to experience freedom and safety.

The Company

Neitec is a European technology startup leading digital security and data analysis innovation.
Founded in 2015. Neitec is based in Warsaw, Poland.
Our international team of experts drives the company to the discovery of new frontiers in authentication and verification, with special focus on machine learning and analysis software.

Our Mission And Vision

"Simple. Flexible. Visionary.

We believe in defending people’s values, in innovations that free you to pursue new discoveries fearlessly.

We guard these values as our own and we stand first in line to protect them, clearing the path from threats.

We create computer systems that break down barriers and unite intelligence and machines.

Our Values

Data Safety

Data is the currency of the digital age.
Like in the physical world, it is constantly at risk of fraud
and criminal activity.


When we surf the web we all need to feel safe and
anonymous behind our computer screens.


Progress has brought us to a never-ending series of
challenges to be faced when it comes to digital security.
We believe embracing a proactive approach is the key when facing these threats.


Neitec provides informational technology solutions for remote data management, complex data analysis and security.

We provide customized and adaptive solutions tailored over the customer’s needs.

We are leading research and development in new frontiers of breakthrough technologies.

We use our expertise to bring enlightening ideas and deeper insight to you, sharing the latest discoveries through our consultancy service.

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